• Loving Vincent

    A prison nurse runs afoul of the local mob boss, putting her directly in his sights.

  • Ballerina dancing on a stage

    The Assassin's Wife

    David's obsession will drive him to take her from the stage and hide her away in the shadows.

  • Toxic Love Story

    Kidnapped and taken from everything she loves, Yasmin must fall in love with a monster if she wants to survive.

  • Psychopath's Kiss

    Locked in her apartment with her stalker, Letty is given seven days to fall in love. Will she succumb or will she try to run?

  • Loving Jared

    Jared is a sucker for a damsel in distress and his gorgeous neighbour is the biggest one of all.

  • Because You're Mine

    Jay has loved Allie all her life, but has watched from a distance. When her life is threatened, he must act quickly to save her.