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Alejandro's Prey (PAPERBACK)

Alejandro's Prey (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A dark mafia romance novella from USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

The rules are simple.

Don't talk to the men, don't communicate with the outside, stay loyal to the family.

Gina tries to follow the rules, but every time she turns around there's a new rule! It's only a matter of time until she breaks one and becomes… Alejandro's Prey.

He's an enforcer, second-in-command to one of South America's leading crime lords. Rules are his life. He gave her one year - one year to adjust to him and his rules. But his sweet little mouse broke the rules and now she's his.

Only someone else wants her, too…

Alejandro's Prey is a mafia romance novella and is book 1.5 in The Queens series. Though this book is part of The Queens series and takes place one year after Scarred Queen, it can be read as standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger.



“Where’s your cousin?” Alejandro approached Casey, eyeing the vicinity for another bright blond head and coming up empty.
“Umm, she’s around here somewhere,” Casey hedged and didn’t look up at him but continued to play with the baby in her lap.
The first indication he had that something was wrong. Casey looked everyone in the eye. She never backed down from any kind of challenge. Unless something was up that she wasn’t prepared to discuss. Fuck that. If it involved her delectable cousin, it involved him.
Alejandro hunkered down in front of her and the baby, folding his tall, muscular form close to hers. He wanted to tilt her chin, to force her to look at him while he demanded his answers, but he knew touching would not be tolerated by the boss. He understood, he would feel the same about his own woman.
“Where is she, Casey?” he asked, a dangerous edge to his voice.
Casey shrugged, still refusing to lift her eyes.
“I will take this matter to Reyes if you do not answer me now.” His usual easy manner of speaking gave way to impatience. He liked the mistress of the house and usually they got along great, both having a similar sense of humour. Except lately the issue of her cousin was putting a strain on their relationship. Casey was protecting the timid woman from him and this could not be allowed to continue. He was done pussyfooting around the women’s feelings. He wanted his woman in his home and in his life.
Finally, she lifted her eyes, flashing fire at him. He ginned back, giving her the edge of his savage teeth. She was not shy like Gina. She put her husband through hell.
“You are a tattletale and a bully, Alejandro,” Casey informed him loftily.
He shrugged. “Whatever gets me what I want fastest. Now tell me where she is or deal with your husband’s legendary temper.”

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