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Because You're Mine (PAPERBACK)

Because You're Mine (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A dark mafia romance novel with a bonus story by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Because You're Mine...

Her knight in shining armour or her kidnapper?

Allie has loved Jay forever. But he sent her away when she was eighteen and forced her to live her own life, away from the street and the gangs. Away from him. It had hurt, but she’d done it. For ten years she'd built a career and a life separate from him. Now he's back and he wants what belongs to him.

Furious that Allie was hurt while out of his protection, Jay decides it's time to bring the woman he loves home where she belongs. Whether she wants to come or not. He whisks her off to his mountain fortress where she'll be safe and sets about arranging a new life for her. A life with him. He's done lurking in the shadows, watching but never touching. She was always his. The difference is, now she knows it.

Will Allie quietly accept her new life and let her old one go? Or will she fight the man she's loved her entire life because she can't risk losing herself again...

This 48,000 word book is standalone and guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Just a hot alpha male who knows what he wants! Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!


Mine to Keep...
Veronica has always been a good girl.

She's always listened and done what men wanted. It was easier that way. Less pain, easier to get what she needed to survive. Then a boy rescued her. Now her protector, the boy who saved her is giving her away. Handing her over to another man. To him. Robert of Senator Security.

She wants to run away from the man who keeps touching her, the man who brings back the pain and the memories. He follows her, protects and hunts her with possession in his eyes. He demands she belong to him and him alone. But Veronica doesn't want to be an obedient girl anymore.

She wants to be the bad girl she was born to be... and set the woman free.

Please note: This 32,000 word novella can be read as standalone or after Because You’re Mine, as this love story takes place about 7 years before Allie and Jay’s romance. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling romance novella!






"She's been hurt."
The three simple words sent a chill through Jay's heart, dissolving his annoyance at the interruption. He dismissed the two men he'd been meeting with and turned to Greg with a raised brow. Words weren't necessary. Greg had been his right hand for nine years. He understood exactly how much Allie meant to Jay.
"Allison was taken to the hospital in an ambulance twenty minutes ago. Preliminary reports say a knife wound to the arm and across her side. The cuts don't appear to be life threatening, but deep enough to need stitches."
Jay's fury rose with each word. Renowned as he was for icy calm and deliberate control, Allie was the only person that could draw this kind of feeling from him. He struggled to contain the rage so he could ask the requisite questions. It wasn't necessary. Greg knew exactly what he wanted.
"She was working in one of the addiction offices at the soup kitchen. Apparently a fight broke out among the clients being served in line. She left her office and tried to intervene on her own."
"Of course she did," Jay managed from between gritted teeth.
He turned his back on Greg and stared out the window of his office to the dockyard beyond. It was just like Allie to think with her heart instead of her head. It was going to be the last time she would be allowed to do that. He'd stood in the shadows long enough. He gave her what she wanted. She'd lived her life the way she'd wanted. Now it was his turn.
"Her husband?" he snapped, knowing the answer, but needing to hear anyway.
Greg shook his head. "She sent him a text while she was waiting for the ambulance. Apparently the little prick’s too busy to go to the hospital himself. Said he'd send someone to pick her up and take her home when she's been patched up."
Jay clenched his fingers on the windowsill and narrowed his eyes on a vessel slowly making dock. It was one of theirs. ”What did she say?"
"She told him not to worry. Said she wanted to catch a cab back to the kitchen. She has to meet with one more client before she goes home and then pick up her car. She plans on driving herself home."
"His response?" Jay demanded.
Greg hesitated, then replied, "He told her not to keep supper waiting for him, he's going to be working late again. I'm checking into it, but at a guess, he's meeting with his side whore."
Jay felt wrath rise up and knew if Derrick were in the room with him he'd be on his knees begging for his life. Jay had despised the idea of this marriage, yet had allowed it to go forward, since it was what she wanted. And what Allie wanted was everything to him.
No more. He would harden his heart to the only thing in the world that could touch him. Her safety would come above all things, including her wishes. It was time. Past time.
"Get the plane ready, we're bringing my girl home."

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