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Billionaire's Captive Mistress (PAPERBACK)

Billionaire's Captive Mistress (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A billionaire captive dark romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Tyson King always gets what he wants and this time he wants a woman.

On the run from her sadistic ex-boyfriend, Claudia changes her name, turns her back on her family, and moves constantly until she feels safe enough to settle down. Unfortunately, she chooses Tyson King’s city. Soon, she finds herself locked up in a penthouse and made the mistress of a terrifying man.

Claudia doesn’t trust this new life or the man who tells her she belongs to him. It will take all her cunning to escape him and win her freedom. She has to disappear and never look back because if he finds her, he’ll never let her go. But if she’s so bent on running, why does it feel so wrong to leave Tyson behind?

And what if her ex-boyfriend and his mobbed-up cronies find her first…

Billionaire’s Captive Mistress is a standalone novel within the Kings of the Underworld series. Each book features a separate couple and can be read in any order.



Tyson King felt her presence the moment she stepped across the threshold and into the city’s most dangerous illegal gambling den. His shoulders stiffened as he glanced up and spotted her. Tyson didn’t so much as twitch a muscle to give away his sudden tension, but his bodyguard, Daniel Mercer, went instantly to attention and scanned the room. Tyson knew the moment his deadly man set eyes on Claudia Cantore, because his alarm dropped and he relaxed back into position behind Tyson.
Tyson forcibly quelled the surge of jealous rage that flared to life as male eyes all over the room focused on her. The tall, beautiful blond was starting to draw stares from some of the city’s most dangerous men. Tonight Claudia had packed her delicious curves into a thigh length blue bandage dress with her waist length honey-coloured hair flowing loose around her bare shoulders. Her long legs were made longer by the four-inch spiked, black heels she wore.
His rational self acknowledged that she was a stunning woman who drew stares no matter where she went. Still, he found himself wanting to stalk across the room toward her, drag her home and spank her ass for daring to wear that dress in public, let alone in a room full of hardened males with power-privilege complexes. The only thing stopping him was that she had no idea who he was or why he felt the intense need to keep her locked away for himself.
He watched her, his dark eyes following every movement of her graceful body, every breath she took in that tiny dress. His calculating brain went over his acquisition plan once more, assuring himself he would eventually possess the woman who had consumed his thoughts these past three months. He hadn’t become a billionaire from rash behaviour, but from calmly, ruthlessly acquiring things that made him rich. Now he applied that strategy to something that he wanted: Claudia Cantore.

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