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Bounty Hunter's Innocent Prize (PAPERBACK)

Bounty Hunter's Innocent Prize (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A standalone grumpy and his sunshine dark romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Mack Hudson works, drinks, breathes, and works some more. He prefers life uncomplicated.

He kills complications.

Until Lucy.

The woman with stars in her eyes and love on her lips who stormed into his life with the speed of a lightning bolt, turning a hardened bounty hunter into the protective lover he never thought he could be.

With enemies at their backs, a city on fire and a mob war on the horizon, Mack will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to him. Even if it means making an enemy out of her family. Even if it means hurting the woman he loves.

If they thought he was dangerous when he had nothing, there's no stopping him now that he has everything.

Bounty Hunter’s Innocent Prize is a standalone novel within the Kings of the Underworld series. Each book features a separate couple and can be read in any order.



“Hmmm…” Lucy thought out loud surveying the scene in her tiny kitchen, hands on hips. Fresh-baked muffins, check. Pretty, homey-looking rugs covering every scarred surface of the floor, check. Inviting looking bed in the corner, check. She was all set for Mack to show up “out of the blue” and check on Jane’s apartment.
Jane had warned her that Mack Hudson would likely stop by that evening when he noticed someone living up there. Apparently, he was dropping some work stuff off for Jane in the office below the tiny apartment and he had a key. Lucy had rushed home to set her plan in motion. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him and hoped that if she lured him in with baking and a few other tricks, she’d be able to get him to kiss her again.
That kiss had occupied her thoughts long enough. She needed a do-over to see if her memory was playing tricks on her or if Mack Hudson was everything she thought he was. At the time, he’d told her he was teaching her a lesson about sneaking around in shadows with boys because he’d caught her kissing Matthew. Then he’d told her he would teach her what it was like to be kissed by a man. Boy, did he ever! She hadn’t thought about much else since.
Now she wanted more of those kisses. Because Matthew’s arms and lips hadn’t been even close to satisfying since she’d experienced the hard rush that Mack had thrown at her. She closed her eyes and ran her hands down her body with a sigh. Nothing had come even close to what Mack had done to her that day. Did he even know how badly he rocked her world? Had she done the same for him?

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