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PAPERBACK. CEO Daddy is a contemporary gay BDSM romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater and debut author R. Glazer.

Will is surfing through life looking for his next big adventure.

Alex is a no-nonsense CEO hiding a wild side.

The last thing Alex expected when he opened the door to his hotel room was to find one of his employees standing on the other side. Now he has a choice to make. Return to his boring, predictable life or follow Will into the unknown.

Sexy and sweet, Will is the perfect man to show Alex what he’s been missing all these years. Will is carefree, confident, and kind. Everything Alex wants in his life, but never thought he deserved.

Bearded and ripped, Alex is exactly Will’s type of date. He just needs to make Alex see how good they are together. Will’s not looking for anything serious, but when his fantasies about his gorgeous boss start to come true, he’s pulled into a life and love he can’t deny.

As they grow closer together, exploring an undeniable bond, two things threaten to tear them apart; Alex’s family and an unexpected event that puts one of them in danger.

CEO Daddy is the first book in the Hot Vancouver Nights series. It a MM romance, with BDSM themes and is completely standalone. Mild drug and alcohol use.



“You were late again today.”
How the heck did Alexander know he was late? He’d literally run into the building five minutes after nine and no one had seen him. The other staff had been in a team meeting where he’d slipped in unnoticed. Or at least he’d thought no one had seen him.
“We have cameras, William.”
Ah, right, the cameras. Will couldn’t really picture his uptight, time-is-money boss watching video footage every morning to find out who was coming into work late. Still, Will liked the idea of “Hot Boss”, as he liked to call Alexander in the safety of his own head, watching him through the cameras. It felt dirty and illicit. Maybe Alexander jacked off to the feed, secretly perving on his employees.
Will eyed the other man. Nope, no way did their strait-laced, stick-up-his-ass, grumpy as hell boss do something as unprofessional as jerk off at work.
He probably had people watch the video footage and report back to him.
Alexander was one of those guys who engendered completely opposing feelings in William.
On the one hand, Alexander was ridiculously hot. With short, black hair and brilliant jade green eyes. A firm jaw, shadowed with a well-manicured beard. A body that looked like it was cut from granite. Or at least, that’s what Will thought was going on under the superbly tailored suits.
But Will also hated his boss. Okay, hate was a strong word for a man he barely associated with.
Alexander was antithetical to everything Will believed in. Will was all about working to live, having a good time, and living life to the max. Alexander was… well, no one really knew what he was about. He didn’t mix socially with his staff. He was an enigma. A hard-assed taskmaster who demanded complete obedience from his employees. He was legendary in the office for being cold, impatient, and demanding.
“This is your third warning,” Alexander snapped, drawing Will’s attention. “If it happens again, I’ll have to write you up.”

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