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Damaged Mate (PAPERBACK)

Damaged Mate (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A fantasy fated mate wolf shifter novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Brutalized by a false mate.

The day my human self died in a watery grave, my inner wolf took over to protect me. For two hundred years, I lived, hunted, and survived as a lone wolf. Then a voice spoke to me through the wildness in my head, calling me to him. A voice I can’t deny. The voice of my true mate.

He wants to claim me in the way of our traditions, but I fear him. I was claimed once before by a false mate, and it led to centuries of pain and suffering. I can’t trust this new mate or the modern world he wants me to live in. So I’ll hide behind the protection of my wolf, biding my time until I can escape.

Exiled from my homeland.

I felt the moment my mate died, like my soul was torn from my body. So when I find her on my doorstep two hundred years later, looking up at me from the crystal blue gaze of her snowy wolf, I’m both shocked and elated. I want to claim my mate, but first I must coax her into turning human again, then heal the trauma that makes her fear me.

When I’ve made her mine, I will hunt down the shifter who dared to claim my mate and I will make him pay for every second of her suffering. Then I will return to my people and claim my position as their alpha.

Damaged Mate is the first book in the Immortal Wolf Shifter series. Each novel in the series follows one of five alpha wolf shifter brothers.



My chest is on fire and my heart is threatening to explode, but I can’t stop running. He’s right behind me. I can feel the heat from his body as he nears, feel his breath on my neck. If I turn my face, I’ll be looking into the hellish teeth that have torn out dozens of throats.
I’m too scared to shift, but if I don’t, he’ll kill me. I’m too weak in this form to fend off a full-grown shifter male.
He’s herding me, playing with me as he nips at my legs. I know what he’s doing, but there’s nothing I can do to stop him. Sobs burst from my throat and tears run unchecked down my face, mixing with the rain that pelts my skin. The tatters of my skirt wrap around my pumping legs, nearly sending me to the ground. If I fall, he’ll be on top of me.
Who am I kidding? He can take me down any time he wants. My efforts to elude him are nothing. My human legs can’t carry me fast or far enough to escape. I’m a dead woman running, I just don’t want to admit it.
As I hurtle forward, I see where he’s driving me. The edge of the cliff is frighteningly close. I try to veer away, but he’s persistent, this time sinking his teeth into my ankle and snapping the bone.
I go down with a scream, unable to continue running. My long hair wraps around me like a protective cloak, but the soft strands will do nothing against him. He stops running, pacing in front of me, snarling.
The pain in my ankle steals my breath and convinces me that this is the end. I have defied the Lunatic King, and it’s his right to put me down according to the laws he created.
I crawl away from him, toward the edge of the cliff. He watches me with piercing yellow eyes, knowing there’s no escape. Sure enough, as I peer over the edge, I see the river raging far below. I won’t last longer than a minute in the icy waters, especially injured.
I whisper to myself, “If you must die, then die with dignity.” Turning back to face him. I lift my chin and shout, “Do it then, you ugly dog. Tear my throat out like you did the others!”

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