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PAPERBACK. A dark romance novella set in the Hell’s Jury MC world by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

She saw safety and I saw redemption.


I’m anger. She’s fear. Together, we’re a contradiction. I see so much of myself in her. She brings out my beast, but she also softens me.

I’ve never known love, yet when Peyton offers it, I don’t trust myself to take it. Instead, I push her away, sending her into a hell that almost kills her.


I’m a shell of a woman, living in fear, hiding from a world that has used and abused me. Hash embodies rage and danger, but I fall in love anyway.

When he rejects me, I have two choices: I can become the shell of the woman I used to be or I can convince Hash that he’s worthy of my love.

But before I get the chance to tell him, the fight for my future turns deadly.

Hash is a novella within the Hell’s Jury MC series. Hash can be read as standalone but does contain elements of an overarching series mystery. Hash is a dark romance with scenes of sexuality and violence.



Sometimes the anger inside me is too much to contain. It’s a poison that I can’t let fester because I’d kill an innocent. I cope by letting it out a little at a time; by being an asshole.
I joined Hell’s Jury because my brothers can handle my rage. I don’t have to take it out on the real world when I have my MC brothers to beat the fury out of me.
They think I’m a bastard and they’re not wrong. I deliberately bait them, push them to their limits. The pain of a good punch or knee to the stomach douses the fire that flames through me. The Jury – my brothers — can fuck me up all they want.
I also need a place where I won’t mess around with drugs because on my own I’m powerless to addiction. When I’m high, I’m an out-of-control lunatic who’ll do anything to anyone who crosses my path.
The club is my asylum.
I don’t hit anyone who can’t take me on. That’s a lot of people. I’m not soft or principled. There’s no satisfaction in destroying someone who can’t defend themselves. I don’t care if they live or die as long as I’m not the one involved in the outcome.
I used up all the fucks I had to give a long time ago. I know I’m not gonna die of old age in my bed. I’m 26 years old. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll live to see 30. I don’t fucking care – I’ve been dying inside since I was a kid. I’m too much of a coward to end myself so I wait for the day someone does it for me.
While I bide my time, old wounds won’t heal. No one can fully be trusted. No one gets past my defenses. No one escapes my hatred.
Or that’s the way it was. Then I met Peyton.

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