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Italian's Captive Beauty (PAPERBACK)

Italian's Captive Beauty (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A standalone captive dark mafia romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.


Loving the man is easy, loving the mob boss is the most terrifying thing Maria has ever done.

Five years ago, Maria was happy until the unexpected and violent death of her fiancé shattered her world. Now she’s on the run and afraid for her life. Just as she starts to believe she’s safe, she meets Niccolo DeLuca and finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail.

Through a legacy of brutality and blood, Nic carved a place for himself among the fiercest mobsters in Italy. Now, in America, unhindered by the old Sicilian code, his unique brand of terror makes him the brutal king of his criminal underworld.

His enemies make a very big mistake when they decide to use the beautiful Latina against him. Nic will take the woman and wreak bloody vengeance on everything in his path.

Italian’s Captive Beauty is a standalone novel within the Kings of the Underworld series. Each book features a separate couple and can be read in any order.



"What is this?" Nic asked coldly, not bothering to pick up the file his man placed on the desk in front of him. Luke would fill him in with the essentials.
"You were right," Luke told him. "Franco Delgado is planning to set you up in Las Vegas when you attend the meet."
His second stood stiffly, his hands behind his back, his gaze straight ahead. Though they’d become friendly over the years, they were far from friends. Nic didn’t have friends, he had employees and business associates. Luke was the former. Once a person stopped being useful to Nic, they stopped. Period.
Nic slowly nodded and waved a hand lazily toward the file. "I assume this contains information on the set-up, yeah?"
Luke inclined his head.
"Explain it to me," Nic invited, waving his second toward a chair.
Luke settled his bulky, muscular frame into one of the plush guest chairs in Nic’s opulent office.
Nic could see why Cassandra liked the younger man so much. He was good-looking, loyal and far easier to be around than the foreboding Italian boss. He searched the blackness of his heart for a spark of response for his wife’s preference toward another man. Nothing. He couldn’t bring himself to care what the two got up to, so long as it didn’t interfere with either Nic’s reputation or Luke’s work.
"Tell me," Nic drawled, leaning back in his leather chair and reaching for a cigar, one of the few indulgences he allowed himself. "What does Franco Delgado have planned for me?"
Luke cleared his throat and shifted in an attempt to get more comfortable. Nic knew it was him and not the chair that was making his subordinate squirm. Nic was a cold man. He had little desire to be known or liked by anyone as more than their boss or executioner. Anyone that claimed him as more wanted something from him.
"According to our Vegas source, Franco plans on using a honey trap to lure you into giving up key assets," Luke said gruffly, shifting again, placing an ankle over his knee.
Nic frowned and tapped his index finger against the file. He wore a heavy, gold masculine ring on that finger. It was large, but not large enough to cover the scrawling tattoo under it. It read nell’oscurita or "into the dark."
When he spoke, the impatience was clear, giving his accent a sharper edge. "And he thinks, what... that I will fall in love with his honey and willingly spill all my secrets?" He snorted and flipped the file open, his dark brown eyes glacial as they swept the text within. "He must know me better than this. I have never before succumbed to a vice; woman or otherwise. Why should I start now?"

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