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Loving Vincent (PAPERBACK)

Loving Vincent (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A bad boy sweet and spicy romance novella by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Vince doesn’t deal with women, not unless he needs something. And he needs something from Jenna, something only she can give. One meeting with the sweet little red-headed nurse and he knows he’s in trouble. When she refuses to give him what he asks for, she gives him the one thing he really wants; a reason to take Jenna and keep her.

Between a messy divorce, a custody battle and a serious lack of funds, Jenna’s life has slowly gone downhill. When she finds Vince waiting for her in her dark house, threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t do his bidding, she’s pretty sure she’s hit rock bottom. But when Vince decides to make Jenna and her daughter a permanent part of his life, she discovers a love she never imagined possible.

But someone from Jenna’s past is angry with the blossoming romance and will do anything to stop it, even if it means killing the object of his obsession.

This 27,000 word standalone romance novella is sweet and sizzling with a dash of dark. I hope you enjoy!



"Are you fucking kidding me?" Vince snarled.
He stood slowly from behind his desk and shot Jared the type of glare he reserved for people that knew they truly screwed up. Usually the life expectancy that followed was extremely short. Of course, he wasn’t going to off his business partner and best friend just because his plan wasn’t going smoothly, but he was going to make the other man deeply uncomfortable for a few minutes.
Cracking his tattooed, scarred hands he placed his knuckles on the top of his desk, which was littered with papers, and growled, "How exactly did things not go according to your plan? You told me to trust you with this. That you would make sure Enrico would get the information he needed to make the hit. Now you’re telling me it won’t go down as planned? Am I getting this right?"
Jared nodded his big, shaggy head and looked grim. "That about sums it up. There were unforeseen circumstances."
Vince breathed in through his nose, trying to call up some patience, a quality he wasn’t known for. "Tell me."
"The girl refuses to cooperate."
He frowned, trying to recall a girl. He hadn’t actually been briefed on many of the details. It hadn’t been necessary. That’s what he had people for. He just needed the hit done, so the fucker that cut off one of Vince’s suppliers was taken out and used as a message for anyone else that thought prison was a safe haven from his wrath.
"What girl?" he asked impatiently.
"The health nurse that oversees Enrico's insulin shots," Jared explained. "We’re using her to get a message to him. Enrico’s gang-affiliated, same as the rest of us. The prison locks them down tighter than a nun’s ass. No visitors, no calls. She's the only one he sees regularly."
Vince nodded absently. He knew how the prison dealt with gang; he'd had the displeasure of experiencing their local penal system himself. It’d been a risky move putting any of them back in the pen for that reason. It had been Enrico’s idea to go in because he had a minor outstanding warrant, meaning he wouldn't be in the prison long. And Enrico’s need for health care gave Vince a way to send messages. Except apparently their nurse wasn’t bribable.
"How much did you offer her?" Vince asked. Fuck, anyone could be bought. Jared hadn’t gone high enough.
"I ended around five hundred large, just because she was pissing me off."
"Jesus fuck," Vince exploded. "Half a million! Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? A trust fund baby?"
Jared smiled grimly. "That’s just it, she lives like a damn beggar in a shack in the old army barracks on the edge of town. Place should be condemned."
"I assume you went to plan B when bribery didn’t work?"
Jared didn’t say anything, refusing to make eye contact. Vince swore the giant enforcer would’ve rubbed the toe of his booted foot on the carpet if he thought he could get away with it. What the fuck?
"You didn’t force her compliance? Rough her up a little?" Vince assumed.
"Not exactly."
Vince rubbed a hand over his face, flexing his tattooed fingers over his eyes. "Why exactly am I paying you?"
"I couldn’t do it, man. As soon I threatened her, she begged me not to hurt her. She said she has a little girl. You know how I feel about kids!"

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