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Mafia's Savage Boss (PAPERBACK)

Mafia's Savage Boss (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A dark mafia romance novella sequel to Mafia’s Savage Obsession by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.


Vlad has reached the end of his rope with his wife's stubborn defiance. If she won't take care of herself, he'll do it for her. But when his harsh methods create a terrifying situation, Vlad must find a way to compromise with the woman who means more than his own life.

Follow Vlad and Jane Sitnikov as their journey continues and they learn how to work together for the sake of their small family. Find out how Jane escapes from the bunker and what happens with her risky pregnancy. In this exciting instalment of the Kings of the Underworld series, Vlad and Jane will solve a PI case, confront a vengeful enemy from their past and catch up with their friends and family.

Mafia’s Savage Boss is the sequel to Mafia’s Savage Obsession. For the best reader experience, this novella should be read after Mafia’s Savage Boss and Bounty Hunter’s Innocent Prize.



She’d done it again; she’d fucking done it again. He gripped Jane’s arm tighter as he tried to come to terms with his anger so he wouldn’t give into the urge to strangle her and leave her body right there in the junkyard. Before Jane he dealt with his problems by killing them. It was an easy solution that worked every time. Unfortunately, killing his wife wasn’t an option.
But he had to find a way to control her and he had to do it soon before he really did lose his shit on her. She thought she’d seen the worst of him, but she hadn’t. Not even close.
Vlad loved his wife, more than he thought himself capable of loving any human being, but he didn’t love all of her personality traits. Like her ability to effortlessly place herself in danger while gleefully challenging every person she came into contact with. Or her stubborn insistence in continuing down whatever reckless path she was headed. And her blind determination to do whatever she pleased, regardless of consequences.
When Jane had realized her sister was missing, she hadn’t gone to Vlad for help. Instead, she’d gone with her partner, Mack Hudson, interrogated a lead and made her own way to a junkyard where a couple of cartel boys had buried her sister alive. Once again, she’d thrown herself and their unborn child directly into the path of certain danger without regard for her own life or Vlad’s feelings.
Vlad was pretty certain even a marriage counsellor would take his side over Jane’s and he had a body count high enough to comfortably fill a banquet hall. Jane just didn’t quit, and he couldn’t bring himself to truly break her spirit, because he was fairly certain he wouldn’t love the woman she would become if he broke her down.
“Why did you let him just leave with her?” Jane furiously turned on Vlad, yanking her arm in an attempt to pull away from him.
Vlad, who had been tracking Mack’s truck out of the yard, turned cold eyes to his wife, pinning her with all of the pent-up fury he’d been storing over a long evening of dogging her footsteps through the city. “You will stop speaking, Jane,” he said in a coldly furious voice, “And calm yourself.”
“Fuck you,” she spat, unheeding of his warning. “You let him take my sister, knowing we can do a better job of protecting her! Go and get her back!”

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