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Psychopath's Kiss (PAPERBACK)

Psychopath's Kiss (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A standalone dark captive romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

For four years Erik has stalked Letty.

He’s watched her constantly, following her, memorizing everything about her.

Every small detail is a feast, every quirk another thing to love about her. His desire to have her has grown until he can no longer ignore it. Until standing on the sidelines and watching her live a life separate from his is no longer good enough.
He’s ready to enact his plan.

He’s ready to show his love who he is.

Trapped in her apartment, Letty is told by a psychopath mercenary that she has seven days to fall in love with him. He’s protective and possessive. He gives her everything she could possibly want. Gifts, jewels, information about her past. Everything… except her freedom.

But what happens after seven days? What if she doesn’t fall in love?

Psychopath’s Kiss is a captive love story and is the first novel in Nikita Slater's dark romantic suspense series, Psycho Love. Guaranteed HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger.



Erik jerked awake, sitting up straight in his chair and reaching for his gun. He quickly realized he’d been woken by the beeping coming from his speaker. Setting his gun aside, he hit the enter key, ending the beeping.
He shouldn’t have fallen asleep. It’d been a long ass week. He hadn’t planned on having a job come up while enacting the final stages of his retirement plan.
He was 37.
Young for retirement, but the time had come to get out of the business and collect the $200 million he had sitting in a bank account in Barbados. Assuming he lived another 50 years, it was four million a year for the rest of his life. More than enough to keep him in tequila while he sat on a beach somewhere and enjoyed spectacular sunsets and the newest James Patterson novel. He’d been planning and saving since he turned 25 and realized the life he’d chosen, the life he’d been born to, wasn’t sustainable.
If he kept at it, he’d eventually get himself killed.
It was also a lonely life. No way to meet people.
There was only one person he was interested in anyway, but she only knew him as the contractor she’d worked a few jobs with years ago. Which was why the final part of his retirement plan was so critical.
Speaking of his plan… he leaned forward in his chair, blinking several times before focusing on the monitor. There she was. Tangled red hair, rosy cheeks from her walk, lipstick red lips and sparkling green eyes.
Or more accurately, Lotus Gray.
It hadn’t taken him long to find her name and everything else about her once he put his mind to it. She hadn’t given up the goods easily though. Letty was a private person. She had to be. Safecrackers were a rare and dying breed, which meant if their services were needed, the client might do anything to get to one. If Letty had too much personal information floating about, she could be tracked.
Erik was nothing if not persistent though. It’s what made him good at his job. While Letty specialized in one particular skill, he was a Jack-of-all-trades. A burglar, an assassin, a security expert, a hacker, a bodyguard, a technical analyst, and the list went on. He was a loner who was expert level at many black-market skills.
He took jobs that appealed to him, but never worked for the same client twice. Well, almost never. In order to be close to Letty, he broke his number one rule, the rule that allowed him to work with relative ease of mind.
The first time he saw her, he’d been hired on to work as the inside man for a jewel heist on a five-person team. His job was to shut down the security system and subdue the guards so the rest of the team could get inside. Once he got them in, he was to walk away with an easy $100,000 for an afternoon’s trouble. And he would have walked away. Except for Letty.
When he laid eyes on her, it was like one of those cheesy movies. Time slowed and he stood frozen, staring at her with what he was sure was an expression of love, lust and complete stupidity.

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