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Queen's Move (PAPERBACKS)

Queen's Move (PAPERBACKS)

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PAPERBACKS. A dark mafia romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

He declared war, she accepted the challenge.

Born to the mob, abused by the mob, Vee is queen in a beautiful and brutal city. She has risen up to take over her dead husband's territory. She leads her organization with cool logic, passionate loyalty and an iron will. She's the perfect woman for the job. Until one cartel refuses to bow to a woman, shattering her dreams. Now she is fighting for her right to rule.

The Gentleman Butcher is a legend in the mafia for his efficient, gruesome and relentless takeovers. One woman stands in his way and he will dethrone her. A king in his own country, he will capture and tame the furiously independent beauty. He will seize her loyalty for himself and force her to submit to his rule.

As they come together, this explosive couple will set fire to a city, a country and everything in their path.

Queen's Move is book 2 of The Queens series. This book is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. This book is a dark mafia romance with themes that some people may find disturbing. Read at your own risk!



The Gentleman Butcher.
That was what the locals called him. Not to his face, of course. He found the moniker amusing. If he hadn’t, then it wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as it did. He supposed it suited him. He got his hands dirty when the occasion necessitated his special brand of intervention. And he was particular; in some ways, quite fastidious. What was the point in wearing a $10,000 suit if it was going to get covered in gore? So, he’d developed a habit of removing his suit jacket and tie, rolling up his sleeves and then torturing his victims brutally, ruthlessly while spraying as little blood as possible. His methods had become well known and earned him the nickname of Gentleman despite his being anything but.
He certainly did not feel the gentleman when it came to a certain woman he was supposed to be meeting with. He glanced impatiently at his watch. She was eight minutes late. He’d already planned on removing her, but the disrespect she was showing would earn her some time in his dungeon first. He’d intended on making it quick in deference to her gender and the aforementioned nickname. But, apparently, she wasn’t going to play nice.
Too bad. She hadn’t been doing a terrible job of handling Miami. But South America couldn’t lose their foothold to the Mexicans, and she didn’t have the strength to hold out. Now it was up to Sotza to act decisively and brutally to make sure this gateway to their international trade on the East Coast wasn’t compromised because of her poor handling of Mexico. She should have asked for help when she had the chance. She hadn’t. Now she would have to go.
Sotza had no interest in taking over Miami for Reyes. He was simply doing the man a favour. And it was time for him to visit this strange and beautiful country again. He’d let it go far too long. Time to take back some territory and re-establish his reputation as The Butcher among the Americans before they forgot who he was.
His gaze flicked to the front door of the club; an establishment Reyes inherited from Hernandez during the Miami takeover. An interesting place to meet. Lady’s choice, of course. She wanted to meet in public. Smart, but ultimately pointless. He was more than capable of getting to her if and when he wanted. He saw her the moment she stepped foot in the door, flanked by two dark-suited bodyguards.
As she walked into the club, she had to blink away the bright Miami sun before she could take stock of her surroundings. He had the advantage of being able to study her for a moment before she caught sight of him. Stunning was too weak a word to describe the Miami madam.
She was utterly breathtaking. She certainly stole his breath. Something no woman had done to him. Ever.

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