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Sanctuary on Fire (PAPERBACK)

Sanctuary on Fire (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. The second book in USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater's dark dystopian world, The Sanctuary Series. 

A bitten human is a dead human… We are taught this mantra from birth so that we run faster, hide better, fight harder. When the Death Kiss comes, it’s final. There is no escape from the Turn.

I am Taran, a resident of Sanctuary. I am the Desert Wren, the former leader of a rebel group. I am the wife of a Warlord, a man who has vowed to burn Sanctuary to the ground if anything happens to me. I am a friend, a sister, a lover.

8 minutes will decide my fate. … and I’ve been bitten.

Sanctuary on Fire is the second book in a trilogy. All three books are aavailable for purchase. This book is a dark dystopian romance with sensitive subject matter that may offend some readers, please read at your own risk.



“Diogo – ”
Time stands still as I sit on the dusty ground, my hand over the wound on my neck. Blood drips slowly from Diogo’s knife, falling in gruesome drops, reminding me of the ease in which he just took a life. She was a Primitive, a zombie, and she attacked me.
Then the import of what’s happened hits me. I’ve been bitten. By a zombie. I’m going to turn, probably in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
My gaze creeps up the man standing over me. Strong, savage, brutally handsome. My husband. A zombie killer. It’s his job. He protects the city and his people by taking out any threats. I’ve become a threat. And I know what he does to people that’ve turned. I’d been told in gory detail how he stabbed Victoria Greystone through the heart. He held her as she died, then he cut her head off, ensuring there would be no chance that she could turn.
I look him in the eyes, searching for the love he’d promised me. I see none. I see nothing at all. His gaze is bleak, flat, dead. Just as I’m about to be.
I hope to find a flicker of love in his expression, or at the very least, indecision. But I see none of that in his face. As though our time together is erased. I’m the enemy. More now than I ever was. The undead.
A sob erupts from my throat, the sound sharp and dry, loud in the stillness surrounding us. The cacophony of noise as Diogo’s people and the mercenaries fight the Primitives seems to have died away. Or maybe we’re out of hearing range.
I don’t want to die.

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