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The Road to Wolfe (PAPERBACK)

The Road to Wolfe (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. The fourth book in USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater's dark dystopian world, The Sanctuary Series.

Hunted, bitten, turned.

The walking dead have inherited our planet, driving survivors into makeshift cities and killing anything left without Sanctuary. Her name is Skye. Survivor, zombie hunter, warrior. She has searched her entire life for a home. Her search will come to an end with me. I will lay Sanctuary at her feet and worship at her throne. I am her devoted soldier; SHE IS THE F@CKING APOCALYPSE!

The Road to Wolfe is the fourth book in The Sanctuary Series and the first of two books in Skye and Wolfe's story. This book can be read without having read the first three, but for the best reader experience it is recommended that the books be read in series order. This book is a dark dystopian romance with sensitive subject matter that may offend some readers, please read at your own risk.



Some call them Primitives, people who see them as once being relatives and friends. I call them zombies, because until a cure is developed the only real cure is my blade. They aren’t human, they are the walking dead.
I don't know what wakes me up but over the past several years I've learned to trust my instincts. I tense, slowly reaching one hand for my revolver and the other for my long deadly knife. Both items are resting on the seat next to me and easily reachable. I barely breathe, a weapon in each hand, as I listen intently for whatever woke me up.
Along with several members of my team I'm sheltering inside a downed passenger airplane. Two of my men are supposed to be outside the airplane patrolling, watching for Primitives.
As I blink the sleep from my eyes, I realize the airplane is filled with some kind of smoke. It takes me a couple of heart stopping seconds to realize that it's not smoke from a fire but mist. The plane had gone down near the Rio Grande river, around the time of the Great Fall, and it's a particularly humid evening, creating an atmosphere of fog.
I reach an arm out, using the edge of my knife to tap the man sprawled out in the seat across the aisle. He wakes up with a start, his hand immediately going to the holster at his side. Consciousness comes to him quickly, and he looks silently over at me, his brow furrowing. I lift a finger to my lips indicating that he shouldn't speak. My entire team is trained to keep as silent as possible. Primitives are attracted to noise, which means humans have had to become wraiths when working and moving in a world dominated by the diseased.
"We’re not alone," I whisper to Deacon, my second-in-command for this mission.

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