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Thieving Hearts (PAPERBACK)

Thieving Hearts (PAPERBACK)

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PAPERBACK. A standalone dark mafia romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

When she runs, he will hunt.

Protector, stalker, lover… she is his obsession. From the moment Roman Valdez set eyes on Katie, he knew she was the one for him. Beautiful, carefree and captivating, but at thirteen she was too young. So, he waited, watched and protected. Followed her through the years until she was ready to be with him.

Only something happened to his beloved along the way. His perfect princess grew dark and distant. Instead of embracing his love, she runs away from it, convinced that she’s not worthy of all he offers – love, protection and happiness.

Now, he will set his demons free. He will rise up from the ashes of his father to inherit the Valdez cartel. He will burn her world and bathe in the blood of her enemies until she is free to belong to him. He will take his woman and his birthright and crush anyone that gets in his way.

But will he crush the woman he loves along the way…

Thieving Hearts is the 2nd book in the Driven Hearts series. Please note: this book touches on the theme of self-harm, which some readers may find disturbing. This book is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!



“I can see your thoughts, little girl.”
His deep, accented voice struck at her like a snake. She suppressed the need to shake under his scrutiny. He took a sudden step toward her. She jumped back, hitting the doorframe with a gasp. His hand landed above her head with a thud. He stared down at her with such loathing that she was certain she was about to die. She understood this intimidation tactic though. She wasn’t new to the neighbourhood. She did wish she was wearing more than a pair of ratty old sweat shorts with paw prints on the butt and a powder blue tank top. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice her lack of attire. His entire focus was on her eyes.
She glared right back at him and then poked him in the chest. The dead cast to his eyes flared to life for just a second.
“Back. Off. Our. Porch!” she snapped, shoving herself into him with the intent of off-balancing him and making him stumble backwards so she could leap back inside, slam the door and lock it. All she did was press herself up against the big man.
They both stood frozen like that for several seconds, Katie seriously regretting her actions and wishing she’d let Dexter answer the door after all. She waited breathlessly for Roman to make a move. She didn’t have long to wait. His hands landed on her arms like steel vices as he shoved her backwards. Her head bounced off the doorframe. Luckily, her ponytail cushioned the impact.
He bent so his lips were inches from hers. “Never touch me unless you mean it, little girl,” he hissed.
She glared up at him, refusing to back down. “You’re just a bully!” she snapped.
He shrugged, hands still bruisingly tight on her arms. “Maybe. Be a good kid and get your brother.”
Lifting her chin, she stubbornly persisted. “No. I want you to go away and leave him alone. You're bad for him.”
His lips tightened for a brief moment and he looked torn between amusement and annoyance. She suspected she didn't want him to fall on the side of annoyance. Oh god, why was she goading this man? She wanted to protect her brother, but what about her? Everything about this brutal human screamed violence. The very air surrounding him was a chaotic mist of death and she’d willingly flung herself into it for family loyalty.
Finally, he let out a tiny huff and said from between gritted teeth, “I will say this once only, chica, then you will back the fuck out of my space before I hurt you.”

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